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Blazemeter Execution

We can execute our jmeter scripts in Blazemeter

You can upload files while configuring your test by clicking the upload files section entitled: “Upload Your Jmeter Scripts, CSV and/or JAR files”.

  • All the files in your account are downloaded to the remote JMeter servers at the beginning of each test.
  • During the test, the files in your account are synchronized every few minutes.
  • You cannot delete files during the load test. Files can be deleted only once the test has ended or before it has started.
  • Please make sure all files are synchronized before you terminate your test session.



Refer the above picture

  1. we need to click on upload jmeter script and it dependencies files (.csv)
  2. Select the version of jmeter , if we reqruied
  3. Based on the requiremenst we can select the threshold,hosts override , command line arguments .. etc
  4. We can execute the test from various could servers, we need to select from which server we have to run
  5. select the number of user , hours , rampup & iterations
  6. click on save
  7. Once you the test and click on run button on the lefthand corner , your test will execute

NOTE :- For free licence we can run up to 50 users and max duration 20 minutes and  make sure about the firewall settings.

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