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Jmeter Setup


Download Apache Jmeter from Download the latest zip file and extract it.

Prerequisites :-   

Jmeter require;s  JAVA 6 or higher version


Once Java is fully  set-up then navaigate to jmeter <Home>/bin and click on jmeter.bat , it will open the jmeter file

Servers Installation (Salve) :-

Once we identify the load machine’s (Slave’s) , then open the master jmeter-properties file andadd the  slave IP’S to remote_host option


# Remote Hosts – comma delimited

remote_hosts=  < Remote Ip address > 



Note:- Try to execute the test in run command (Non-Gui mode) , it will have less memory consumpation and try to in Master-Slave model and try to configure thelight weight graphs to reduce the memory consumption

Commands :-

For master machine:- <jmeter home)/Jmeter –n –t script.jmx –r


 For Slave Machine:- <jmeter home)/Jmeter – n –t script ,jmx –R slave1,slave2.

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