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HP Loadrunner Tips & Tricks

1) Lr Exit Functions:-

  • lr_exit(LR_EXIT_ACTION_AND_CONTINUE, LR_AUTO); Exit without any condition, and go directly to end action
  • lr_exit(LR_EXIT_MAIN_ITERATION_AND_CONTINUE, LR_AUTO);Stop current action, and go to the next action
  • lr_exit(LR_EXIT_ITERATION_AND_CONTINUE, LR_AUTO); Stop current iteration, and go to the next iteration. If called from within a block iteration, only the block iteration will be exited, and not the global iteration
  • lr_exit(LR_EXIT_VUSER_AFTER_ITERATION, LR_AUTO); Run until the end of the current iteration and then exit
  • lr_exit(LR_EXIT_VUSER_AFTER_ACTION, LR_AUTO); Run until the end of the current action and then exit

2) Memory Access Violation Work Arounds :-

Work Around 1:-

Step 1:- Disable the logging in our script ” Run Time Settings”
Step 2:- Copy and paste the below function in Global.H or as a separate function to write the log when ever the error occurs

unsigned int n = lr_get_debug_message();
lr_output_message(“The current level is %d”, n);
lr_set_debug_message(n, LR_SWITCH_OFF);
lr_set_debug_message(LR_MSG_CLASS_JIT_LOG_ON_ERROR, LR_SWITCH_ON);
return 0;

So that it will write logs when error occur

Step 3:- place this function in your Main action where ever it requires

Work Around 2:-

In Run time setting -> Preference -.> Use Winlet replay instead of Sockets( Windows only)

and the function ” web_set_max_retries (“5″);” beginning of the script.

3) Unable to record the script and if we are getting ” page cannot display ” error at the time of recording , please select the below options

Recording Options -> Port mapping -> Cpature Level-> Socket level and WinlNet  Level Data , options -> TLS 1.0


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