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Monitoring Tools

Often in a Load Testing or a Performance Testing project, the focus is placed on scripting and automation.  In many respects, unless monitoring is carried out, the Load Test or Performance Test is likely to produce more questions than answers.

When establishing a performance test scenario it is very important that monitoring is established on each component in the system under test.

This includes servers, the network Media, the load injectors and the databases.

Deep application probing monitors can also be applied.  In most cases it is typically better not to incorporate these montiors unless issues relating to the application layer have been identified by the higher level monitors during previous test cycles.

Many products such as HP’s LoadRunner offer a variety of monitors.  Most of the monitors hook into the native monitoring on each server type.

In many cases these monitors cannot be used due to the security issues of linking the Loadrunner Controller or Listener to the servers under test.

LoadRunner does support a secure method of monitoring.  This can require extra hardware and/or agent installation on each secure tier of the system under test.  In most large companies this takes some time to get authorized and obviously has an extra cost associated.  In the majority of cases where security is an issue it is far better to run native monitors on each server and then import that monitored data into an analysis session.

 Some of the Monitoring tools for indepth analysis :-

  1. Dynatrace
  2. HP .net / J2eee diagnostics
  3.  JvisualVM
  4.  Jrockit
  5.  Willy Introscope
  6.  HP Sitescope


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